Art and Design

“When I think back to when I was at school…Art was a ‘still life’: this is Life itself.”
— Harland Miller, International Writer and Artist praises our Power of Sport Art and Creative Writing Competition

“St. Mary’s...keep your wonderful sense of balance.”
— Nilz Burwitz, International Artist after holding a masterclass with our pupils, 2014

We celebrate creativity at St. Mary's Menston and our Art and Design programme offers great opportunities for our students.
The work displayed around school and onlin highlight the skilful and thought provoking work created by students of all ages.
There is an Art and Technology Exhibition in school each summer. 
St. Mary's pupils can be found making and creating in our two large purpose built Art and Design rooms (H36 and H37). Every computer in school has Adobe Creative Suite Software (Photoshop). Additional new computers with big screens have recently been added in our Art classrooms as have iPads. There is also a Kiln.
Please explore this section showing some of what we get up to and start thinking about the Art you would like to be engaged in during your time at St. Mary's!

Art and Design News Stories

The Artist's Prayer

Gentle Father, Creator God,

We thank you for your many gifts and acknowledge you as the Divine Spark from which all human creativity comes.

We praise you for the beauty of all created things and ask you to give us a deep respect for the life and dignity of all your creatures.

We rejoice in your great love for the work of your hands and ask you to help us to reflect that love in our dealings with one another, each of us made in your own image and likeness, respecting our differences and celebrating what we hold in common.

We thank you for your closeness to your creatures, most of all for the gift of yourself in the person of Jesus your Son; and we ask that he accompanies us as we pray, play, laugh and share our joys and sorrows with one another.

We pray that your Holy Spirit will continue to inspire men and women with creative gifts to enrich the society in which we live with new works of art to glorify you, for you are Life and Beauty itself.

We ask your blessing on artists and performers in every field and those preparing for careers in the arts; that they may act with conscience in the application of their gifts and that in moments of isolation and loneliness, may be given courage and consolation by your presence.

We ask you to be with all those that we hold dear, those we have been asked to pray for and those that have nobody to pray for them for we are all special in your eyes and our lives are the greatest work of art that we can offer you.

We make this prayer with Mary Our Mother, through Christ Our Lord. Amen

The AGAP prayer, 2008


  • H36
  • H37


Key Stage 3

All students study Art and Design during Key Stage 3 and receive an art lesson every week. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes.

Key Stage 4


For more information, please see our Key Stage 4 Subject Information booklet.

Sixth Form

Photo: Sculpture in A-level lesson

For more information, please see our AS, A2 and BTEC Subject Information booklet.

Futures from Art and Design

A qualification in Art and Design can lead on to further and higher education, can support careers in other subject areas and can lead to many different careers in the creative field.
Here are just a few:

  • Freelance illustration, art or graphic design
  • Computer aided design work
  • Fashion design
  • Wayfinding design
  • Exhibition design
  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Jewellery design and manufacture
  • Art teaching/lecturing
  • Gallery work
  • Architectural/interior design
  • Theatre/TV/Film production design work

Art and Design Destinations

Art education is for life. A few St. Mary's pupils each year decide to take an Art foundation course prior to a specialist degree course in the field of Art and Design. Others apply to study Art-related degrees such as Architecture or Art History.

As well as being a fulfilling subject, Art and Design teaches many transferable skills much sought after by major universities. For example:

  • Some specialist courses such a medicine now seek candidates who have a creative aspect to their CV
  • Art is not a practical subject only because many marks available are awarded for critical analysis in essay and annotation form 

Each year St. Mary's Year 13 pupils go on to study Art related further education courses.

Former Pupils

The artist Kate McCrickard is a former pupil of St. Mary’s who graduated with a first class honours Master of Arts degree. She was then awarded scholarships from the Royal Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy that took her on to paint in Madrid and Florence. Today she has a studio in New York and is a director of a Manhattan art gallery. Kate was commissioned to paint pieces for our Main Hall and our Chapel, which was blessed by Bishop David Konstant in 2001

Visual Artist Benjamin Murphy, who travels the world working with electric tape


  • Our Art teachers pin inspirational images for our Art pupils.

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