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Last updated: 13/11/2018

Here at St. Mary's Menston, it is important to us all that meals are produced to a very high standard ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to purchase food produced to the very best of our ability on a daily basis.
To achieve this we operate our own in-house catering service using fresh locally sourced produce to create a delicious variety of healthy options. We constantly monitor our suppliers to ensure that we are getting 'best value' without losing sight of quality.
We operate a simple and effective cashless system.

  • Every pupil is issued with a swipe card which can be topped up at any time with cash or ParentPay.

  • Spending limits can be set by school or parents and carers and any dietary requirements added.

  • The cashless system ensures that a quick and efficient service is maintained.

Photo: Our Dining Hall is a pleasant environment in which pupils can enjoy a healthy meal with friends

Menus and Prices

Menu and Prices (PDF)

Lunch Menu

Our menu is on a four-week cycle with the aim that students and staff receive a balanced and nutritious diet. There is a vegetarian option on offer every day.

Lunch Menu – Week One (click to enlarge)

Lunch Menu – Week Two (click to enlarge)

Lunch Menu – Week Three (click to enlarge)

Lunch Menu – Week Four (click to enlarge)

School Food Standards

All secondary schools comply with the School Food Standards. The standards have been implemented very successfully here at St. Mary's Menston. Meals remain extremely popular with staff and pupils, despite the absence of crisps, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and other fat, salt and sugar laden foods.

Allergen Information

Food allergen information poster for schools (Food Standards Agency)

Catering Team 2017–18

  Our team of qualified and caterers are dedicated to providing the very best service to pupils, staff and visitors.

Our team of qualified and caterers are dedicated to providing the very best service to pupils, staff and visitors.

Contact Information

We believe that our customers are central to our success and we want to know what you think about our service.
We are always looking at new ways to develop the service and we welcome the views of pupils, parents, carers and staff. Our Student Council regularly discuss school catering at their meetings and attend taster sessions with the kitchen staff.

There are many reasons you may wish to contact us using the form below:

  • Making special dietary requests such as 'my child can't eat bread'

  • We have a complete record of what each individual person ordered and at what time that we can share with parents and carers.

  • We want to know opinions of our customers - both positive and negative - about the food, the kitchen and the eating environment.


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