Catholic Life at St. Mary’s Menston

Last updated: 15/04/2019

Our purpose (mission statement) of Chaplaincy at St. Mary's Menston:

The mission of Chaplaincy at St. Mary’s is to permeate all elements of school life, placing Christ at the Centre of all that we do by calling the whole school community to act as equal disciples in living out the Gospel teachings.

“And now my friends, all that is true, all that is noble, all that is just and pure, all that is loveable and attractive, whatever is excellent and admirable – fill your thoughts with these things”
— Philippians, 4:8

Mrs Julia Findlay

Mrs Findlay has a dual role in school as Learning Mentor and Lay Chaplain



Bishop Marcus has appointed Rev Fr John Carlisle as the Priest Chaplain for St. Mary’s Menston. We are very fortunate to have Fr John working with us as well as our Lay Chaplain Mrs Findlay.

Priests at St. Mary's

The school is served by the Priests of our Deanery and retired Diocesan priests. We are forever grateful to them for their unfailing commitment:

  • Canon Lawrie Hulme (Our Lady and All Saints, Otley)

  • Father John Carlisle (Ss Peter and Paul, Yeadon) Priest Chaplain

  • Monsignor Kieran Heskin (Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ilkley)

  • Father Richard Carter, (St Joseph's Pudsey)

  • Father Michael Mahady

  • Canon Tom O’Connor

  • Canon Paul Moxon

  • Monsignor William Steele