Exceptionally Able, Gifted and Talented Pupils

Last updated: 14/12/2018

Exceptionally able pupils are those pupils identified as gifted and talented.

Gifted Pupils

Gifted learners have abilities in one or more subject areas and the potential to attain distinctly above average for that cohort.

A pupil who shows an interest in a subject area beyond the constraints of the curriculum. They have the ability to learn quickly and a desire to acquire knowledge over a wide range of subjects. They show abilities to a level significantly higher than others in the same year group.
— The definition of a Gifted pupil at St. Mary’s Menston

Talented Pupils

Talented learners display practical skills and have the potential to be distinctly above average in one or more areas of human performance.

A pupil who shows exceptional ability in Music, Physical Education and Art. They must produce work well above that of what is usually expected for pupils of their age.
— The definition of a Talented pupil at St. Mary’s Menston

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