Expectations and Consequence Steps

Last updated: 02/07/2019

Student Expectations

St. Mary's Menston Student Expectations (PDF)

At St. Mary’s we expect you to behave responsibly, treating fellow pupils and staff with good manners and respect at all times.

We require you to follow the instructions of all staff, First Time, Every Time.

Inside the Classroom:

  • Stand up when an adult comes into the room.

  • Be punctual to registration, assemblies and lessons.

  • You are required to be in the classroom, stood at your desk with books and equipment out, ready to learn at the start of each lesson and by the second bell at 11.10am and 2pm.

  • Enter the classroom quietly and stand behind your chair, until the teacher instructs you to sit down in your designated place.

  • Your planner must be out on your desk and open at the correct week.

  • Mobile phones, and any other personal technology must be switched off and not be visible.

  • Wear your uniform in the correct manner.

  • Aim for high standards, making sure your work is the best that you can do.

Outside the Classroom:

  • Respect the school environment.

  • Open doors for adults and wait for them to go first.

  • No graffiti or vandalism is acceptable; should you see any, report it to Pupil Reception.

  • Keep to the left on corridors and stairs.

  • Queue in an orderly, single file at the correct time for your lunch phase.

  • Put litter in the bins provided.

  • Break time snacks and lunches should only be eaten in the designated areas and not on corridors or in classrooms.

  • Eating is not allowed at any other times than break and lunchtime.

  • Chewing Gum is not allowed.

  • Use the correct yard for your year group and not be in the school building except if three bells are rung.

  • Wear your uniform in the correct manner.

  • Aim for high standards, making sure that your behaviour and attitude displays the school values.

Consequence Steps

Dining Hall Expectations

Dining Hall Expectations (PDF)

During this time of the school day we expect you to help create a pleasant
environment in which you can enjoy a healthy meal with friends.

  • Lunches and snacks should only be eaten in the Dining Hall

  • Check the lunch rota and ensure you queue at the correct time

  • Queue in single file in an orderly, sensible way

  • Enjoy conversation with people on the same table

  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect

  • Do all you can to help our staff, by clearing away your tray

  • Please use the bins provided