Fairtrade at St. Mary’s Menston

Last updated: 31/05/2018

“A child’s education, an additional school meal, a child not going hungry tonight, a child immunised from a disease, a human right recognised...things we take for granted. But in many countries around the world, these things are privileges, not rights. By buying Fairtrade, we will be granting producers around the world a life filled with fairness and justice.”
— St. Mary's Menston Fairtrade Group

Fairtrade products are those which have been produced by people around the world who have been paid a fair price. These products have been produced in safe working conditions and the producers have also been paid a social premium to spend on developing their community’s health, education and infrastructure. Fairtrade is a guarantee of justice.
St. Mary's are very proud to call ourselves a Fairtrade school. Through student led activities, our annual FairTrade Fortnight, promoting the use and sale of Fairtrade products and informing ourselves about the injustices that producers face around the world, we are continuing our public pledge to support Fairtrade.

Fairtrade News Stories

How can you tell if a product is Fairtrade?

Look for the Fairtrade mark on the packaging.