Growth Mindset

Last updated: 01/10/2018

At St. Mary’s we are working hard with both staff and students to develop and embed a Growth-Mindset approach to teaching and learning in order to ensure students love the challenge of learning and learn how to become resilient learners.

Growth Mindset is an idea developed by Carol Dweck at Stanford University: it is the belief that ability is not fixed. Through hard work and effort great things can be achieved and barriers to learning can be overcome. 

The Growth Mindset approach depends on the ability to develop resilience, grit and perseverance. Grit is our passion and perseverance towards reaching a long-term goal while resilience is the optimism to keep bouncing back from failure. Both of these traits for success are rooted in a Growth Mindset, and the good news is that Growth Mindset means you can learn, develop and build resilience and grit. Like most valuable skills this takes practice and dedication so at St. Mary’s we are aiming to place the Growth Mindset approach central to all we do.