Last updated: 27/07/2018

New SIMS Parent App

The school’s contract with ‘Show My Homework’ will come to an end on the 1 September 2018. After much consideration, the decision has been made to replace ‘Show My Homework’ with a more sophisticated and multifunctional electronic tool called ‘SIMS Parent App’. The new ‘SIMS Parent App’ will allow the school to easily communicate with parents/carers on key aspects of school life. The software allows a pupil’s timetable, attendance record, achievement points, behaviour points, calendared events, data collection and homework tasks to be easily accessible from the convenience of an internet enabled device such as a PC, tablet or smart phone. The app allows the school to send automated alerts and notifications directly to a parent/carer. This new software will be accessible from September 2018. On 4 September, all contacts who have parental responsibility will receive an email invitation to sign up for the parent app. This email will contain details of how to register for the app and how it can be downloaded onto an electronic device. Once registered, you will have access to the above functions in relation to your son/daughter. We would request that parents/carers register by 7 September 2018. 

The Homework Jigsaw

Key Roles and Expectations: