Pre-Prepared Homework Tasks and Resources

To see the PowerPoint presentation from the Parent’s information evening containing information about the new Homework Policy and more click here.

Please select the relevant year group to see the homework tasks set.

Autumn Term

Year 7 Autumn Term

Year 7 Wider Reading List

Year 8 Autumn Term

Year 8 Wider Reading List

Year 9 Autumn Term

Year 9 Wider Reading List

Year 10 Autumn Term

Year 10 Wider Reading List

Year 11 Autumn Term

Year 11 Wider Reading List

Year 12 Wider Reading List

Year 13 Wider Reading List

Spring Term

Year 7 Spring Term

Year 8 Spring Term

Year 9 Spring Term

Year 10 Spring Term

Year 11 Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7 Summer Term

Year 8 Summer Term

Year 9 Summer Term

Year 10 Summer Term

Year 11 Summer Term

Additional Resources:

If you have been told there are additional resources available you can find them by following the link below which will take you to the school's Google Drive page.  This contains a folder for each class in school. 

Navigate to the class name for which homework was issued to see if there are any additional resources.

Click here to go to the Resources Drive