Keeping Parents Informed

“Parents are highly supportive and the school enjoys a justifiably strong local reputation”
— Ofsted

The parent or carer is considered as much a part of St. Mary’s as the child. 

The school places a high value on the triangular relationship between parent or carer, pupil and staff. Effective communication between parent or carer and school is essential to ensure the safety, well-being, motivation and all round development of each child.

  • The school maintains close links with the parishes and primary schools
  • The weekly General Letter, termly newsletters, school website and the @StMarysMenston Twitter account ensure that families are kept up to date with events and developments
  • There is a Home/School Agreement to ensure that both parents and staff work together to encourage the best possible development of each pupil
  • Every pupil is issued with a Personal Planner to help them organise their work and to provide a readily accessible point of reference between staff and parents
  • Consultation meetings with staff are held annually to give parents and staff the opportunity to discuss pupil progress
  • Parents wishing to discuss any matter concerning their child can contact the school by telephone or email
  • Opening Evenings and Open Days provide invaluable opportunities for parents to view St. Mary’s, meet staff and see the work of the school
  • The work and achievements of St. Mary’s are regularly featured in the local and national media
  • Parents are encouraged to support the school through involvement in school activities and events
  • The SIMS Parent App