Please read this guide to find out more about how to navigate (find information) on our website.

The TOP Menu

On any page of our website there is a menu at the top of the screen. Move your mouse over the titles in the menu to reveal further choices.

Note: If you have a small screen: there will be a link in the top right of the screen called Menu. Tapping the menu link makes the menu slide out and then gives you the same choices. Some of the items on the menu bar have a plus sign next to them. The plus sign means that this is a section and there are more than one page in this section.

Navigating pages in a Section

If, for example, you tapped on SPORT then the Sport section of our website would load. The various different pages in the SPORT section (called sub-pages) are listed as links on the left side of the screen.

For example, You could now tap on the link to SPORTS WE OFFER AT ST. MARY'S to go to that page.
All sub-pages provide a method of navigating back to the section homepage (It's at the top of the links on the left side of the screen)

Links in the Footer

There are some other pages on the website that you navigate to in a different way

The links in the green part of the footer such as SEARCH, HELP and PRESS INFO are visible on every page of the site.

There are also social media links in the purple part of the footer (they are white circles)

There are also prominent links in the green part of the footer to The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust and to the Diocese of Leeds

Navigation Aids

Tapping the logo to return to the homepage - You can always tap the St. Mary's logo at the top left of the screen to return to the homepage. This works from any page. It is a bit like pressing the home button on an iPad to return to the springboard.
Hyperlinks - there are many hyperlinks in the text - tapping on these will often take you directly to relevant part of our website. The hyperlinks in text are always a 'pure blue' colour. On computers, you can tell when there is a hyperlink because your cursor changes (usually to a pointer hand) when the cursor goes over the hyperlink.
Headings - our headings are always left aligned and consistently formatted as this is proven to make scanning for information easier.
Icons - Our various icons often aid navigation by showing you what you are going to open before you click on a link. For example, our prayers icon often appears next to prayers and our archive icon indicated archived content (such as reports from previous academic years)


Prayers icon


Archive icon



In the footer on every page of our website (and in the top menu) there is a link called SEARCH. This gives a super-fast and comprehensive search of all this website You can also use it to search our site for documents. Our search is powered by Google Custom Search.

Don't forget you can also use to search our website. For example, typing 'St. Mary's Menston calendar' into Google gives our calendar page on this website as the top result.

Site Map

Our Site Map page for our website contains links to all our pages.

Still can't find what you're looking for?

If after trying to search or using the site map you still cannot find the information you would like on our website, please feel free to contact us and ask