Christmas Card Designs 2014​

More than 250 pupils entered our Art department's competition to design the St. Mary's Menston Christmas Card

Pupils have been looking at Christmas cards and Catholic imagery during Art and Design lessons.

The two winning cards, by Emily Boswell 10M and Max Chandler 7G, will shortly go ON SALE at school (at a cost of 60p per card or £2.99 for a pack of six cards – three of each design: any further donations will go to our 4 school charities).

How to buy the Christmas Cards

Please send in any requests for cards with a cheque made payable to St. Mary’s Menston, ensuring you include the student’s name and form, and place in an envelope marked ‘Christmas Cards’, in the Finance Box outside the Small Hall (room M2).

Cards will also be on sale at our Carol Concert (Monday 15 December, 7pm at Leeds Trinity University).

Winning Designs (both available to buy as Christmas Cards)

Emily Boswell 10M

Max Chandler 7G

Highly Commended

  • Darcy Hartley 8F
  • Harmonia Ebrahim 8P
  • Gabriel Jones 8P
  • Annabel Campbell 7P


  • Naomi Norton 8C
  • Cosima Standeven 7C
  • Thomas Billington 7W
  • Charlotte Peirse 7D
  • Ellie Lamb 8C
  • Charlotte Falkingham 8P

Selected Entries


  • Niamh Connor 7D
  • Liam Jackson 7G
  • Briony Healy 7P
  • Nia Thomas 8D
  • Ellie Webster-Earley 8D
  • Jobina Antony 7W
  • Louisa Morris 8D
  • Evie Malir 8P
  • Millie Carroll 7D
  • Caitlin Walsh 7C
  • Jemimah Bentley 8C
  • Poppy Parker 7G
  • Charlie Wright 7W
  • Felix Okonofua 7G
  • Niamh Choma-Wilkinson 7G
  • Leah Miller 7P
  • Max Andryszewski 7D
  • Harrison Newell 7D
  • George Kent 7W
  • Jacob Ireton-Bourke 7W
  • Jonah Thorpe 8F
  • Dylan Beale 7C
  • Grace Barnes 7C
  • Jack Bolton 7D
  • Imogen Sunman 8C
  • Ellen Parkes Calzado 7D
  • Matthew Hutchinson 7D
  • Chloe Noble 8P
  • Eve Wood 8P
  • Cameron Brehony 8P
  • Harry McLoughlin 7P
  • Mia Beck 7F
  • Connie Lewty 8C
  • William Davy 8C
  • Katie Gleeson 8P
  • Katherine Russell 8P

Well done to every artist who entered!