Sixth Form Student Managers and Learning Leaders 2014–15

Student Managers are senior prefects in the Sixth Form who provide invaluable support to staff in many areas of St. Mary’s lower school, at after-school events and within the wider community.

Student Managers 2014-15

Prior to the Easter holidays, senior staff interviewed 39 Year 12 students who had applied to be one of the team of 17 Student Managers who play a key leadership role in the life of the school. Such was the quality of the field, and the originality and imagination of the ideas expressed by students, that we decided to create a completely new role, that of Student Learning Leaders, to run alongside the Student Manager team.

The Student Learning Leaders will be responsible for co-ordinating a range of activities aimed at enhancing the learning experience for all pupils at St. Mary's, such as advice on subject choices, mentoring and helping with transition at different stages. Congratulations to all successful candidates, and thank you to everyone who applied.

Student Learning Leaders

  • Amy Pickard
  • Anthony Clayton
  • Megan Pickard
  • Edward Hollingsworth
  • Mary Crotty
  • Katharine Brinkworth
  • Scarlett Meredith
  • Megan Ireton-Bourke
  • Laura Hickie
  • George McGilvray
  • Hadia Kishver

Student Managers

  • Myles Hanlon
  • Eleanor Thompson
  • Megan Haskins
  • Anokhi Shah
  • Sam Floyd
  • Megan Casey
  • Emily Sutcliffe
  • Roisin Moriarty
  • Isobel Noonan
  • Annabelle Murphy-Jackson
  • Freddie Fitton
  • Jake Tyrie
  • Simon Hall
  • Bryony Collins
  • Karl Verspyck
  • Caroline Turnbull
  • Molly Jones

Senior Student's Welcomes 2014–15

Myles Hanlon, Head Boy

"I feel privileged to be representing St. Mary’s as Head Boy this year and will do so to the best of my ability. As Head Boy, I will strive towards upholding the positive reputation which our Sixth Form deserves.  Equally, I am looking forward to being an encouraging role model for the lower years over the coming year.

St. Mary’s is a community filled with achievement and friendship where students are recognised and praised for their successes both academically and outside of St. Mary’s. Every member of the school community will have the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular opportunities through trips such as World ChallengeThe Bambisanani Partnership, Retreats and Year 10 exchanges; allowing students to develop their knowledge of global cultures.

There is a welcoming atmosphere here at St. Mary’s which allows learning to be fully enhanced and the students’ keen attitude towards education is reflected through GCSE and A-level results. I would recommend St. Mary’s to anyone as it is an exceptional Catholic school."

Molly Jones, Head Girl

"I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to be Head Girl at St. Mary’s Menston. Through both studying at this school for 7 years now and knowing the opinions of other people, I realise that this school is academically and pastorally brilliant. St. Mary’s has offered me and all of its students an excellent education and I am proud to be one of the representatives of the school.

Through extra-curricular activities whether it is to do with sport, drama or music, St. Mary’s continually obtains high standards and great achievements.

As Head Girl of St. Mary’s, I am looking forward to being a positive role model to younger years and making a positive impact on the school.  I am proud to say that I’ve been involved with amazing opportunities at St. Mary's from the Lourdes Pilgrimage to the French Exchange that have really benefitted me as an individual.

St. Mary’s is always equipped with a friendly and positive atmosphere, making it a very calm and collective place to work. I hope future students benefit from their time here as much as I have."

Karl Verspyck, Deputy Head Boy

"Being a great school is about providing the best possible education - one that creates an appetite for life and develops the talent to live it productively. It is about learning and scholarship, nurtured by exceptional teachers. It is about combining a breadth of experience through sport, creative and performing arts and many other character forming activities such as ourBambisanani Partnership

It is about providing pastoral care that goes well beyond basic welfare and focuses on developing and maturing the individual, both emotionally and spiritually. And, vitally, it is about preparing young people for life after school in their chosen pathway – equipping them to become suitably qualified and confident to lead, to serve and to be of good influence. These values underpin everything we do and achieve at St. Mary's."

Caroline Turnbull, Deputy Head Girl

"St. Mary's has allowed me to experience many things due to the wide range of opportunities available such as the Lourdes Pilgrimage, Language Exchanges and the Bambisanani Partnership visit to South Africa.  I would encourage all students to take full advantage of these opportunities to enrich their time here. 

St. Mary's has an outstanding academic reputation which is upheld by its team of hardworking teachers who push for no less than the best from each student.

Being Deputy Head Girl will allow me to not only represent our school but also ensure that it continues to strive for excellence alongside my fellow senior students."

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