Lourdes Pilgrimage 2014

St. Mary's Menston take part in the 76th Diocese of Leeds Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Lourdes Pilgrimage 2014 photo gallery (250 photos)

  • It was the 21st year St. Mary's Menston has taken part.
  • The pastoral theme for 2014 is Lourdes, the joy of conversion
  • The series of Lourdes displays on our Main Corridor have been updated with the new group photos.

“This year’s Lourdes Pilgrimage was a truly joyous experience. Our pilgrims went with open hearts and open minds, ready to both give and receive the gift of Lourdes.”
— Mrs Findlay

“As a Governor at St Mary’s it is my absolute privilege to accompany our students and staff on the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes. This year’s pilgrimage was special on many levels. Our students demonstrated extraordinary care for the sick, their fellow pilgrims and each other. This combined with a real sense of spirituality to result in a pilgrimage that allowed us all to explore and deepen our faith.

Lourdes is always a unique experience, a mixture of service, spirituality, community and most importantly laughter. It is impossible to predict exactly what the experience will be or indeed how it will impact on the pilgrims young and old alike. I always enjoy listening to our students recount what has personally impacted on them.

My personal thanks to all our students past, present and future and also to our friends and families who make it possible for us to share this experience.”
— Mr L Hogan, Governor

List of 2014 Pilgrims


  • Gabby Vento
  • Rory Mullan Wilkinson
  • Jack Hyde
  • Gileasa Ebrahim
  • Grace Middleton
  • Majella Adie
  • Amelia Walsh
  • Ella Humphreys
  • Joanna Ciesluk
  • Geeth Appuhamy
  • Amy Collins
  • Connor Barley
  • Evie Adams
  • Molly Danielis
  • Annie Postlethwaite
  • Aidan Conlon
  • Molly Fieldhouse
  • Harry Hudson
  • Jessica Smith
  • Alice Clayton
  • Rebecca Hyde
  • Ben Jarvis
  • Megan Griggs
  • Fergal Mullan Wilkinson
  • Katie Connor
  • Mary Markham
  • Matthew Farmer


  • Sheeana Street
  • Emma Twohey
  • Jacob Page
  • Becky stone
  • Sophie Barraclough
  • Mary Crotty
  • Laura Hickie
  • Harvey Collier
  • Daisy Burns
  • Emily Pilgrim
  • Jonathan Vincent
  • Katharine Brinkworth
  • Sam Floyd
  • Roisin Moriarty


  • Mrs Findlay
  • Mr Pierce
  • Mrs Horton
  • Mr Hogan
  • Miss Andrews
  • Helen Kington

Find out more about St. Mary's annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes on stmarysmenston.org