Year 7 Form Photos 2014–15

Group photos of all seven forms taken to mark the first day at St. Mary's for our new Year 7 pupils

Year 7 Forms 2014–15

The photographs were taken in our Small Hall (room M2) in front of our school trophies and display of the martyrs our form groups are named after.

Year 7 students greatly enjoyed their Day of Welcome in school last Friday. The day enabled them to get to know their Form Tutor and class members and to be introduced to the religious life of the school. The Mass of Welcome will take place at 7.00pm on Wednesday 24 September 2014, to which all Year 7 parents/carers and families are invited.

“The new Year 7 have made a fantastic start at St. Mary’s Menston. They impressed everyone on their recent ‘Day of Welcome’ with their caring attitude and enthusiasm for school life.”
— Mrs R Burrows, Year 7 Student Progress Leader