European Day of Languages 2014

Friday September 26 is the European Day of Languages 2014

Years 7 and 8 Word of the Day (Friday September 26 2014)

These special Years 7 and 8 Words of the Day are four words which are unique to a particular language:

Ohrwurm (German)

A catchy tune that gets stuck in the brain or a tune that rapidly obsesses an entire population (literally, an ear worm). For example, Gangnam Style by K-pop 'top star' Psy which has been viewed on YouTube over 2,000,000,000 times.

Gemütlichkeit (German)

Feeling comfortable, like in one's home.

Meraki (Greek)

Doing something with soul, creativity, or love: putting something of yourself into what you're doing.

Plubairnigh (Irish)

A verb specifically used to describe that distinctive thick, bubbling sound that porridge makes when it is boiling. "Bhí an leite ag plubairnigh sa phota" translates to "The porridge was 'plubairnigh-ing' in the pot."

Why Learn Languages?

Miss Neale, St. Mary's Comenius co-ordinator and Faculty Leader of Languages has prepared a colourful vinyl lettering display which is going to be stuck on the wall in our recently redecorated Clitherow Building in time for the Day of Languages: