Year 11 Spiritual Retreat to Myddelton Grange: Student Reflections

The aim of the retreat (7–9 January 2015) was to give pupils time away from the bustle and demands of everyday life, with their friends, so that they could relax, have time for themselves and consider their relationship with God.

Year 11 Retreat January 2015

“It helped me feel more relaxed about the coming year and think about how the little things I do affect others.”
“It brought me closer to God, expanded my faith and made me appreciate more things.”
“The experience was very enjoyable, I felt it gave me a time away from everything to de-stress and have a bit of fun.”
“This experience has been beneficial to me as it has restored some tranquility.”
“I got to know more people and had time to think about things.”
“...makes you question a lot of things you were sure about, but for the better and you come out a better person.”
“I really appreciated the break and all the reflection time I had that I would not normally have got. It was relaxing and also fun.”
“It allowed me to recover from the Christmas holidays and relax with my friends. It helped me to explore my faith and I would definitely go again.”
“It was a great opportunity to relax before GCSE exams and strengthen new and existing friendships. There’s lots to do but also lots of free time for yourself.”
“I have developed a lot stronger friendships with everyone and I have been able to be myself. I have relaxed a lot and had an amazing time.”
“The experience has been uplifting and has helped me think deeply about myself and my faith.”
“The trip allowed me to relax with my friends, take part in activities, connect with God and have good fun. I feel closer to every member that went on this trip despite not knowing everyone so well beforehand. I enjoyed the walk and hospitality was great. Thank you.”
“The experience has been wonderful! It was very fun and helped me deepen my faith as well as to get to know people better. The food was nice and I’m pretty sure I ate my own bodyweight in food whilst I was there! It was very relaxing.”
“I made friends with people who I did not know very well before the retreat...I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going.”
“It was nice to chill with friends and have laugh with them for a couple of days.”
“It has made me more relaxed. Just like the Lourdes Pilgrimage, this has been a relaxing environment which I enjoyed greatly. Thank you.”