Smartie Tube Advent Appeal Challenge 2015

Our annual Smartie tube challenge has now launched!

Photo: Smarties

Photo: Smarties

  • The smarties are a gift to each form group from the Chaplaincy Team
  • Please enjoy the smarties but return the tube full of 20p pieces
  • There will be a prize for the first full return!
  • Find out more about our 4 St. Mary's Menston charities that benefit from our Advent Appeal

The joint winners of the competition were 7 Fisher and 7 Wharton.

Smarties fun facts

  • Around 600,000 tubes of Smarties are made at Nestle Rowntree factory in York every day with 420 tubes filled every minute.
  • Each tube contains around 35 Smarties.
  • It takes eight hours to make a tube of Smarties from start to finish.
  • Natural flavours come from fruit and vegetables including lemon, radish, red cabbage, orange oil, Hibiscus and Spirulina.
  • There are 178 calories in a tube of Smarties – around five calories per sweet.

“Many Thanks and Happy Advent!”
— St. Mary's Menston Chaplaincy Team