Carter Beevers selected for British Kickboxing Team to tour Europe

Carter (7 Postgate) represents Leeds at kickboxing on the national circuit, and has recently been selected for the British Team

  • In January 2016  Carter is going to be part of the British Team's tour around Europe.
  • Carter Beevers is the 38th St. Mary's Menston student to gain International Sporting Honours
  • He has attained his black belt and will go for his first dan early next year.
  • On Sat 28 November, Carter participated in the 300 Rounds Sparathon - his team aiming to complete 300 rounds of sparring with no rest from start to finish.
  • The term kickboxing (キックボクシング) was first used in the 1960s

“Carter is showing fantastic levels of energy and discipline to keep up with his training and his school work.”
— Mr Hamill, Year 7 Student Progress Leader