OS Maps New Symbols National Competition

The OS (Ordnance Survey: Britain's mapping agency) are looking to develop 10 new symbols to go on next years OS maps, and are running it as a competition.

They are looking for your creative ideas for the following symbols:

  1. Vineyard
  2. Skate Park
  3. Caves
  4. Toilet
  5. Art Gallery
  6. Electric Car Charging Point
  7. Climbing Centre
  8. Solar Farm
  9. Kite Surfing
  10. Ice Rin

You can draw the symbols by hand and photograph them and send them in, or you can design them on compute.

“The deadline is midnight 31/5/2015. Any pupil can enter. If you want any further information please come and see me.”
— Miss H Burton, Geography Subject Leader at St. Mary's Menston