Year 7 Pastoral Achievement Assembly February 2015

On Monday 5 February 2015 there was another special assembly to celebrate our Year 7 pupils 'living the St. Mary's values.'

In order to celebrate the excellent conduct within and outside lessons, we held our second ‘Achievement Assembly’. Students were awarded with ‘Pastoral achievement awards’: fourteen having attained the highest number of positive behaviour points and another ten chosen for the way in which they uphold the ‘St. Mary’s values’. The second special Headteacher’s award for outstanding contribution to the year group was presented.

Rewards included:

  • Certificates
  • Badges
  • "Queue Jumper" passes to go to lunch
  • Free Breaktime Snacks
  • Invitations to watch a film in H33 with a friend

There is a regularly updated display celebrating Year 7 Achievement in the entrance hall of the Hume Building (near room H22). Look forward to it!

Best Attendance

  • 7 Dickenson with 97%

Year 7 Pastoral Achievement Certificate Winners

  • William Roberts, 7D
  • Gabriel Beaumont, 7G
  • Francesca Mangeolles, 7G
  • Paddy McDonnell, 7M
  • Ellie Mason, 7M
  • Grace Oxborough, 7P
  • Kizzy Tremlett, 7G
  • Luis Dias, 7F
  • Ciara Kleppen, 7W
  • Max Gibbons, 7C

Year 7 Highest net SIMS points*

  • Joseph Newman 7C
  • Holly Davey, 7M
  • Thomas Billington, 7W
  • Katie Charlton, 7W
  • Beth Peat, 7P
  • Dominica Warrington, 7F
  • Max Andryszewski, 7D
  • Louisa Atkinson 7M
  • Felix Okonofua, 7G
  • Robbie Hebb, 7G
  • Kian Todd, 7P
  • Grace McShee, 7F
  • Ellen Parkes Calzado, 7D
  • Joshua Dalton, 7C

* not in any particular order

Headteacher's Award

  • Klara McMenamin, 7M


Year 7 Achievements 2014–15 photo gallery (19 photos)

You can see printouts of the photos on Mrs Burrow's display in the entrance hall of the Hume Building (near room H22).

If there is any information about Year 7 pupils' recent achievements outside of school that we can recognise, please send in the details, along with any photographs to Year 7 Student Progress Leader Mrs Burrows at