Menston to Milan Challenge!

On Wednesday 1 April, five members of staff from St Mary’s Menston will embark on a gruelling 24 hour fitness challenge in aid of Martin House Children's Hospice (one of our charities)

MenstonToMilan April 2015

Mr Hamill, Mr Leigh, Mr Manfredi, Mr Pringle and Mr Wilkes aim to cover the distance from Menston to Milan on stationary road bikes kindly donated by Nuffield Health in Guiseley.

Each member of the team will cycle 270km and row 10km in order to match the 1350 km distance from Menston to Milan.

The challenge will take place in Pupil Reception and begin at 2.30 pm on the Wednesday. The team will then cycle throughout the night and into the following day, aiming to finish before their 24 hour deadline. 
The physical exertion the team will put themselves through is all in aid of Martin House which is one of the school’s charities. The team have been inspired by guest speakers in year group assemblies and, more recently, by the efforts Tom McQuaid 9 put into raising money for this worthwhile cause.

Last April Mr Hamill, Mr Manfredi and Mr Wilkes completed the Coast to Coast cycling challeng from Morecombe to Bridlington, covering 170 miles in two days raising over £3,000. As with any challenge the aim is to set a new 'personal best'. The challenge has got harder and they hope to raise more money than last year - this is where we as a school community can get involved.

During the event the team will need breaks (and moral support); pupils will have the opportunity when the equipment is not in use to be put through their paces by the Nuffield Health team in a series of Cycling and Rowing Challenges. There will be prizes on offer to the successful pupils. So, like the team, it might be worth getting your training shoes on!

The team are hoping to raise the profile of their challenge. On Twitter the hashtag #menstontomilan is hoping to trend in the local area and further if possible and they ask your support in this.

“I have been astounded by the support many of our Year 9 students have shown towards the Menston to Milan 24 hour challenge. Pupils have gone out of their way to organise charity events that not only give myself and the four other members of staff embarking on the challenge a much needed morale boost but more importantly raises much needed funds for one of our school charities - Martin House.”
— Mr Wilkes, writing for the Year 9 Pastoral Letter, Easter 2015

Update: The challenge attracted enthusiastic fundraising across all year groups. The staff would like to offer heartfelt thanks to every student who contributed and came along to offer encouragement before school and during their break times, and to the members of the wider school community that contributed. The team completed their challenge almost 3 hours ahead of schedule, which gave some brave students the opportunity to test their mettle on the bikes and rowing machine kindly donated for the day by Nuffield Health Club. The current fundraising total stands at £3,530.55

Please donate on the Menston to Milan Justgiving page