Year 13 Visit to India Announcement

Please help to support The Sylvia Wright Trust and Niamh Roberts, Laura Hickie and Aggie Bucholc’s visit to India!

  • The Sylvia Wright Trust supports those in India in the deprived state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Sylvia moved to India from West Yorkshire 33 years ago, and has since established a school for deaf children, a day care centre for children with severe disabilities, a hospital bed and a nursing college.
  • Niamh, Laura and Aggie are visiting Tamil Nadu for 5 weeks in July and would like to be able to take resources for the children with them

“You can support us by putting on bun/cake sales and the money raised will help go towards buying hearing aids for the children. You can also help by starting to collect pens/pencils/books/basic stationary that we can give to the children. THANK YOU!”
— Niamh Roberts, Laura Hickie, Aggie Bucholc, Year 13
Photo: The school in Tamil Nadu, India

Photo: The school in Tamil Nadu, India

Video: The Sylvia Wright Story