Celebrate the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero on Saturday 23 May 2015

All St. Mary's pupils study the life and legacy of Oscar Romero and we will pray for him as someone who lived the Gospel and who demanded justice for the oppressed. CAFOD's prayer written by our own Mr Tunnecliff

Oscar Romero (1917–1980) was an Archbishop in El Salvador. When he was killed in 1980, many people called him a saint and a martyr. The Church began to  investigate whether this was true. Now he is recognised by the Pope as a martyr. On Saturday 23 May 2015, Romero will be declared ‘Blessed’ (beatified) - a step towards being declared a saint. There will have to be proof that prayers to Romero have been answered by a miracle before he can be called ‘Saint Oscar Romero’.

One of our Religious Education teachers, Mr Tunnecliff wrote this beautiful prayer (which is still used nationally) when he previously worked for CAFOD:

A Guiding Light

Lord Jesus,
you sent your servant Blessed Romero to spread your message and struggle against the injustices in El Salvador.
Like you, he was a shepherd, a pastor, a brother;
Like you, he was taken from us;
Like you, he remains in our hearts.

Spirit of hope, work within us,
just as you worked in Blessed Romero, so that we too may work for justice
and spread the Good News,
by living out the Gospel,
in solidarity with those living in poverty. 

By Mr Tunneclif