Nepal Earthquake Disaster Collection on Friday 8 May 2015

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal are struggling to recover from the recent earthquake disaster: we would like to ask for your support in a one-off collection, which will go directly to those in need.

The CAFOD group will collect during morning registration and over break and lunchtime this Friday: we thank you in advance for your on-going generosity as you meet our requests: could students please bring in some cash so that they can make a contribution.

For those affected by the Nepal earthquake

Merciful and loving God,
we pray for our sisters and brothers in Nepal, for those who have died,
and for those who mourn.
We ask that through your grace,
you may bless and comfort your people.
For those who are afraid;
bring peace,
for those who are toiling to save;
bring strength,
and for those who are lost;
bring shelter under the shadow of your wings.
Open our hearts Lord,
help us to be with your people through our actions and prayers, as we hold onto hope in you.
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Photo: Nepal is in the Himalayas. Mountain sunrise, Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal.

Map: Nepal is a country in South Asia and has a population of 27 million people.