Megacities Geography Display

New Display in our Geography department looks at Megacities. A megacity is a city of more than 10 million people.

There are 36 megacities in the world

Largest Megacities in the world*

*by metropolitan area

Pull Factors

The reasons they are megacities: 

  • higher wages
  • better quality of housing
  • good sanitation
  • cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • centralisation
  • better education
  • better healthcare
  • opportunities

The display features statistics such as population density, GDP, life expectancy, murder rate, main religion and main language for each city.

There are also facts to intrigue our geographers as they walk past.

Photo: Beijing is one of the megacities. Population: 21 million

You can see Miss Burton's display between rooms H31 and H32.