Sports Day 2014

3 Records broken at our annual Sports Day at the John Charles Centre for Sport

Sports Day 2014
  • Our Sports Day on Tuesday Monday July 7 2014 saw a 98% level of participation from Year groups 7 – 9. There were some great individual performances and three new school records were set.
  • Joe Gardner, Year 8 Dickenson set a new high jump record. His height of 1.60m smashed the previous record of 1.52m which belonged to Oliver McAlpine and was set in 2011. Joe also narrowly missed out on the 200m record (shown in the video above), coming in 0.19 seconds away from Chris Chavez-Cronin's 2011 record.
  • Jess Tindale, Year 8 Wharton threw the shot putt 8.24m to set a new record. The previous record was 8.18m (Olivia Sharp, 2009)
  • Matthew Kenneth, Year 7 Postgate broke the final record in the 800m. Matthew's time of 02:28.7 shaved over 7 seconds off the previous record, which was set in 2013 by Francis Westhead 02:36.00.
  • The winning forms were 7 Postgate,  8 Dickenson and  9 More
  • 9 More are only the second group since records began to win Sports Day every year they entered it  (joining Gwyn who were Year 7 in 2010).
  • The PDF below shows the winners of every event and their time/distance.

Well done to the nearly 600 pupils who competed!
Mrs Chattoe will continue the tradition of our popular Sports Day display (including podium photos) in the corridor near M5. Look forward to it!



Commemorative Podium Photos

Mrs Chattoe and Year 12 students organised podium photos. 240 pupils were included.

Sports Day 2014 Podium photos

Winning Forms 2003–14

Year Y7 Y8 Y9
2003 Dickenson* Gwyn Postgate
2004 Wharton Gwyn Gwyn
2005 Postgate Gwyn Dickenson
2006 Sherwin Postgate Fisher
2007 Clitherow** - -
2008 More Clitherow Fisher
2009 More More Postgate
2010 Gwyn Fisher Fisher
2011 Clitherow Gwyn More
2012 More Clitherow Gwyn
2013 Fisher More Fisher
2014 Postgate Dickenson More
  • The joint most successful forms since 2003 are Gwyn, Fisher and More (each winning 7 Year titles).
  • Wharton and Sherwin have only won just one Year title each, since our records began in 2003.
  • No form has ever won Y7, Y8 and Y9 in the same year.
  • Gwyn, who were Y7 in 2010 and More who were Y7 in 2012 won Sports Day all three times they entered it.

* In 2003, Dickenson and Fisher were tied to win Year 7
** In 2007 only Year 7 did a Sports Day and it was held at school.

St. Mary’s Menston Athletics Records

  • The longest standing records were set in 1981:
    • Y7 Girls' Shot Putt J Foster 7.87m 1981
    • Y9 Girls' Shot Putt C Thompson 8.83m 1981
  • Sophia Hall holds the most individual records (4), setting them between 2004–6
  • The fastest 100m across all year groups, 11.69 seconds was set in 2013 by Joe Gardner, a Year 7 boy

Note: Records before 2000 were established on the school 300m grass track


Number of records broken per year