Sylvia Wright visits St. Mary's to meet with our Year 8 pupils

Year 8 raised £375 to help the Sylvia Wright Trust's Hearing Aid project.

Mrs Carmichael is proud of Year 8:

We have been able to collect 2 boxes of stationery which went to India with our Sixth Formers who are volunteering for the summer at the orphanage for hearing impaired children run by The Sylvia Wright Trust. We were very lucky that Sylvia took the time to come into school to meet with some of our Year 8 students last week whilst she was visiting the UK. This was an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand about the challenges that her students face and the difference that our contributions will make. At last count, the year group have raised £375, which is enough for a digital hearing aid for a student in her care that will transform the life and learning opportunities for that child. We are hopeful that a partnership between our students and Sylvia’s school can continue to grow and develop next year and look forward to hearing from our Sixth Formers about their time in India!
— Mrs S Carmichael, Year 8 Student Progress Leader