Key Stage 3 Production 2015

St. Mary's presents Flour Babies.

Key Stage 3 Production 2015

How would you feel if you had to go to school and look after a baby? The students of Mrs Cartwright’s Class are about to find out! 

We welcome you into Mrs Cartwright’s classroom as she attempts to lead her students through a series of lessons about childcare and self-discovery as they embark on a science project. The care of the Flour Babies is met with dismay, shock and indeed creativity! 

“Last evening’s production of Flour Babies was excellent. The performances of our students from Years 7 and 8 were confident and professional: we look forward to them developing their talents and participating in future drama productions.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher


The Children
Martin Simon Magnus Cameron (7P)
Simon Martin Theo Labbett (7M)
Russ Mould Rowan Wynn (8P)
Rick Tulis Gabriel Jones (8P)
Jimmy Bryant James Lister (8C)
Roddy Freewill Rory Folan (8C)
Ed McMann Eddie Freeman (8W)
Whitney Driscoll Louisa Morris,(8D)
Sarah Mountain Anna Jones (7F)
Froggie Haynes Aisling Hendron (7F)
Gwen Phillips Katie Gleeson (8P)
Georgie Spalder Harmonia Ebrahim (8P)
Rachel Fuller Eve Wood (8P)
Danielle Cranmer Darcy Cunningham (8P)
Cathy Treetop Caitlin Spencer (7M)
Fiona Cracknell Firmina Da Luz Machado De Mendonca (7F)
Amelia Noel Millie Carroll (7D)
The Teachers
Mrs Cartwright Phoebe Cliffe (8G)
Miss Arnott Anna McCormack (7F)
Dr Feltham Will Sammon (8D)
Mrs King Annabelle Russell (8D)
Mrs Higham Evie Malir (8P)
Mr Beardsley Darcy Cunningham (8P)
The Family
Mrs Martin Evie Malir (8P)
Mr Martin Matthew Speed (8W)
Hyacinth Spicer Will Sammon (8D)


Photography Mr Gosling
Stage Management Miss Exworthy
Backstage Caitlin Hall
Technician/Sound Mr Davis
Prompt Sam and Matthew Speed
Lighting Miss C Andrews
Prop making Mrs Griffiths and Mr Norris
Director Miss C Andrews and Mrs Carter
Assistant Directors Sam and Matthew Speed
Producer Miss C Andrews