The Crucible

St. Mary's Menston School Production 2016 is The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Drawing on the culture of fear that grips the villagers of Salem, The Crucible explores the effects of paranoia as accusations of witchcraft spread through the village and surrounding areas. As hysteria takes hold, lives are torn apart and the accused are forced to make the decision - confess or be hanged.

Under the direction of Miss Andrews, the talented cast of Year 9–13 students worked extremely hard rehearsing and preparing for the performances and were excited to be able to share their work with the school community and members of the general public.
The production was a resounding success.  The students had the audiences on the edge of their seats throughout all three performances and indeed on their feet for standing ovations each night.  

“I have been overwhelmed by the reception from the school community and beyond. This truly has been a world class performance. The entire cast performed with such focus and talent that it would be almost impossible to mention them individually, but it would be remiss not to mention the spellbinding performance from Benedict Kershaw who portrayed the strength of John Proctor with professionalism and flair!”
— Miss C Andrews

“The performances of The Crucible by students from St. Mary’s were absolutely outstanding. This is a challenging production, both in content and in the dialogue and the students performed this to an incredibly high standard. We have already received many positive comments from people who were fortunate enough to witness the performances and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, staff and all members of the school community who supported the production.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher

“We were all held spellbound. The audience could not applaud loud enough at the end, yet a few minutes later I was struck by something quite humbling. When the characters emerged from the back of the stage to find their parents and friends, it brought it home to me that it was a group of teenage pupils who had made us all feel this way.”
— A member of the public who contacted the school and was full of praise for the production

Ticket Availability Announcement

  • Three performances of The Crucible will take place in the Performing Arts Studio (room H7) at St. Mary’s Menston on Wednesday 3 February, Thursday 4 February and Friday 5 February at 7.00 pm.
  • Tickets are priced at £8 adult and £5 concession are now ON SALE at break-times and lunch-times in Pupil Reception.
  • Cheques are preferable: please make payable to St. Mary’s Menston and indicate clearly how many adult and concession tickets you would like for which performance.
  • We very much look forward to the performances!

Cast and crew

(in order of appearance)
Tituba Carys Murray
Abigail Williams Sophie Coulson
Betty Parris Lily Humphreys
Susanna Walcott Rosie Smith
Mercy Lewis Jessica Smith
Mary Warren Freya Gustafson
Girls of the village Aelis Bray
Robyn Chambers
Molly Cheetham
Olivia Deacon
Olivia Hallett
Daisy Lyons
Louisa Morris
Chloe Tinson
Rev. Samuel Parris Luke Hudson
Goodwife Ann Putnam Aimee Turnbull
Thomas Putnam Matthew Hickie
John Proctor Benedict Kershaw
Goodwife Rebecca Nurse Beth Lay
Giles Corey Samuel Speed
Rev. John Hale Fergal Mullan Wilkinson
Goodwife Elizabeth Proctor Mairenn Collins
Francis Nurse Charlie Houlders
Ezekiel Cheever Keith Bray
Marshal Herrick Matthew Speed
Hopkins Aidan Joyce
Judge Hathorne John Utting
Deputy Governor Danforth Jake Marshall
Goodwife Sarah Goode Robyn Chambers
Front of House Mrs C Roberts
Lily Humphreys
Hannah Chatwin
Orla Turnbull
Libby Woffenden
Photography Mr M Gosling
Stage Management Anna Munroe
Technician/Sound Mr G Davis
Lighting Mr G Davis
Prop making Mrs C Barnes
Mr T Norris
Director Miss C Andrews
Assistant Directors Miss E Exworthy
Miss E Slater
Producer Miss C Andrews


Mrs Findlay tweeted on the opening night:


Poster: Artwork by Molly Clark, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Poster: Artwork by Molly Clark, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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