Further Acting Role for George

Year 9 student lands role in ITV’s Dark Angel

Year 9 student George Kent is part of the remarkable number of St. Mary’s pupils who have achieved acting success over the years.

George is currently appearing in ITV’s Dark Angel, a two part drama commencing Monday, 31 October at 9.00pm.

The second episode is Monday 7 November at 9.00pm.

The show is temporarily available on ITV Hub

The drama tells the true story of Mary Ann Cotton, Britain’s first serial killer whose 20-year poisoning spree ended in 1873 when she was hanged for her crimes.  George plays the role of William Robinson.

Earlier in the year, George appeared as Young Slean in ITV’s Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.

“Congratulations to George on his part in another acclaimed drama - we are all excited to see where his acting career will take him next. “
— Mrs R Burrows, Year 9 Student Progress Leader

Photo of George Kent ©IMDB, All Rights Reserved

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