Lightwater Valley Visit 2016

A big thank you to all staff and students for ensuring our annual rewards day had thrills, action and adventure.

St. Mary’s annual Rewards Day was yet again a great success.  Despite heavy rain early morning, the skies had cleared by the time the buses arrived at the park.  Once again, the students were a credit to the school.  The day was an opportunity for staff to share in the fun and see the students away from the pressures of school. Having exclusivity in the park meant that there was little queuing and the students were able to get real value for money. Even with the huge numbers attending, the day was still relaxing and enjoyable for all and this is a credit to their exemplary behaviour. 

Thank you to the students, staff and parents who supported this visit and made it such a success.

  • The visit took place on Friday 16 September, 2016
  • Lightwater Valley boasts over 40 rides and attractions
  • The Ultimate is the longest roller coaster in Europe
  • Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 attended
  • Thank you Mrs Barnes for taking the photographs

“Another day of spinning, looping and reeling at LWV (and lurching on the Eagle’s Claw!). There was a fantastic atmosphere all day – a real reward for students and staff alike.”
— Mrs R Burrows, Year 9 Student Progress Leader

“It was a fun packed day...many students said it was one of their favourite days of the year!”
— Mrs C Chattoe, Behaviour and Inclusion Manager