Year 8 Achievement Assembly December 2016

We were delighted to use our Year 8 Assembly to take the opportunity to recognise the academic and leadership contributions of the students across the Autumn Term: students who are maximising their talents and setting exceptional standards of behaviour.

Photo: Student Progress Leader, Mr T Hamill joins students with their awards after the assembly

'Outstanding Progress in Year 8' - students who are consistently meeting or exceeding their target grades across subject areas.

  • Isabella De Jesus
  • Kevin-Alexis Gonzalez
  • Jessica Heyburn
  • Louis Jackson-Smith
  • Katelynn Lockwood
  • Charlotte Marriott
  • Charles Miller
  • Josh Morrison

'Outstanding Attitude Towards Learning' - students who regularly demonstrate outstanding attitude towards their learning and the learning of others.

  •  Rosie Shanbhag
  • Julia Silva
  • Orlane Vanmarcke
  • Tom Hawkins
  • Niamh Howley
  • Nathan Pickstone
  • Matthew Stapleton

'Exemplary Conduct in Year 8' - students who consistently go above and beyond in their demonstration of the school values and put themselves in a position to be the best that they can be: being organised, on time, meeting deadlines and supporting those around them.

  • Joseph Abraham Thekkedam
  • Katy Stout
  • Ciara Thorpe
  • Hattie Sunman
  • Annie Jezzard
  • Isabella De Jesus
  • Rachael Buxton
  • Emily Boulby
  • Leah Barraclough
  • Joanna Bowman
  • Robbie Dempsey
  • Niamh Doherty
  • Antonia Karimi
  • Nathan Pickstone
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Matthew Stapleton
  • Matthew Tindale
  • Orlane Vanmarcke
  • Charles Wild