Fun day of creativity and learning culminates in Year 13 “Trashion Show”

By Luke Hudson, Year 13

A fun-filled day of creativity and learning was had by Sixth Form students at St. Mary’s this week, as part of their fourth annual “Trashion Show”. The event coincides with the recent Papal Encyclical, Laudata Si’, a letter to all humans inspiring action and “care for our common home.” 

A key feature of this encyclical was a focus on the contemporary issues of climate change and the irresponsible ways of western life.  Pope Francis urges individuals to work at preserving our world, allowing future generations to enjoy its fruit.  

This message was applied to the events and activities undertaken by students; they learned the importance of being an active carer of the environment and the simple ways in which this can be done.  The tough reality of climate change and its effects were heard by all; and the message was clear that it is those living in the poorest countries that are affected most by environmental disasters.  Those who contribute the least to climate change are the individuals who suffer the most.

Before setting to work on their outfit projects, students created posters helping others interpret the message of the Bible on the topic of climate change, and also the views of the UN and other leading authorities.  They looked at how we can all make a difference to improve our environment and the lives of people living in the areas hardest hit.

Following a drive from the school asking students for all their crisp packets, sweet wrappers and plastic bottles, there was a vast supply of materials available, allowing students to make some fantastic outfits in their theme.  The themes included: the pantomime, office wear, beach attire, and a full wedding party.  Everyone got involved to make jackets from plastic bags, dresses from bubble wrap, and shoes from chocolate packaging.

The outfits were then presented on the catwalk for a winner to be decided.  Strong teamwork, and thinking outside the box were elements that certainly shone through as models paraded the extravagant creations for the audience and the judges to admire.  The winning team, using the Pantomime theme, adopted an Alice in Wonderland spin alongside the classic dame.

Everyone was a winner though as all participants learned so much and it is hoped that students will take something from the day and live as a responsible steward of the Earth.  There was a powerful realisation that our small actions can have a big impact on the lives of others.

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