2016 Elections for Members of Youth Parliament in Leeds

All pupils who go to St. Mary's are eligible to vote because our school is in Leeds!

Every two years, 4 Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected to represent their city at a local, regional and national level. Here in Leeds we are currently electing 4 new MYPs who will be representing the young people of Leeds from 2016 to 2018.

Visit this website to vote!


Candidate 1:  Charlotte Williams - click here for Charlotte's manifesto
Candidate 2:  Isaac Grinnell - click here for Isaac's manifesto
Candidate 3:  Jayden Yeardley - click here for Jayden's manifesto
Candidate 4:  Jonah Powley - click here for Jonah's manifesto
Candidate 5:  Liberty Branston - click here for Liberty's manifesto
Candidate 6:  Muzdalfa Ahmed - click here for Muzdalfa's manifesto
Candidate 7:  Sam Slater - click here for Sam S's manifesto
Candidate 8:  Sam Worsnop - click here for Sam W's manifesto
Candidate 9:  Scarlet Rowe - click here for Scarlet's manifesto

UPDATE: Results of the Elections

  • Over 19,000 votes were cast
  • Every candidate received more than 1,000 votes