Gifted and Talented Presentation Evening 2016

Thursday, 23 June was a significant night for voting in more ways than one.  At St. Mary’s, the vote was cast for this year’s most convincing argument in the Gifted and Talented presentation evening.

St. Mary’s Gifted and Talented cohort, as identified by subject staff, are invited to participate in an extra-curricular programme which runs for the duration of the academic year.  Students receive coaching and mentoring support from an identified member of staff within a subject area which reflects their academic strengths, working to develop enhanced study skills, deeper subject knowledge and the benefits associated from participating and leading groups. 

The theme for this year’s Gifted and Talented Presentation Evening was an exploration of time, under the heading “ the year that...” 

The school’s eight Faculties submitted an entry into the competition, interpreting the theme to include explorations of the past as well as venturing into the possibilities of the future.  With a keen political message in many presentations, along with a discourse on rollercoasters, chat shows and interactive quizzes, it was clear that students had made the most of the opportunity to ‘go beyond the curriculum’.

After eight impressive presentations, the audience, made up of parents and the wider community, voted the investigation on ‘The Olympics Through Time’ by the Faculty of PE and Sport as the worthy winner.

“The team worked really well as a group and I am extremely proud of the end result.”
— Mr F Shields, Subject Coach and Teacher of PE and Sport

“What a fabulous evening. Well done everyone!”
— Audience member

Mr Craig Thornton, a possibly biased Faculty Leader of PE and Sport, declared that the victory was ‘long overdue’.