Police Cadet Attestation

Photo: An achievement to be proud of

Year 10 student Korinna Nicholson recently took part in her Police Cadet Attestation at Wakefield Police HQ and is now a full Police Cadet for West Yorkshire.

The Volunteer Police Cadet (VPC) scheme gives young people an opportunity to sign up to the nationally recognised police uniformed youth group.  After their initial 10 week training period, qualifying cadets complete their passing out and are issued their cadet uniform.  Cadets then continue to attend the groups each week where they will have the opportunity to find out more about policing, themselves and how they can support their community.

Our congratulations are extended to Korinna.

“Congratulations to Korinna. She is already sure of her career path and determined to succeed. I am sure she will be very successful in the future.”
— Mrs R Burrows, Year 10 Student Progress Leader