Key Stage 3 Awards Evening 2016–17

St. Mary’s celebrated their summer KS3 Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 13 June 2017.  

The following special prizes and certificates were awarded to Year 8 students on the evening:

Subject Awards

Subject Achievement Progress
Art and Design Yasmin
Drama Connor Brehany Anna Brown
English Katy Stout Niamh Waterworth
Food Technology Gabrielle Morgan Maisie Pickering
French Joseph De Souza Kyle Deighton
Geography Rosie Shanbhag Lucy Walker
German Jamie Pedley Freya Russell
History Taya Griffiths Elizabeth Floyd
ICT Joe Priestley Daisy Clarke
Maths Sophie Mcllroy Ben Kaushal
Music Dominic Edwards Ruby Bowman
Product Design Joseph Childs Buzz Parker
Religious Education Niamh Howley Andrew Monaghan
Science Amelia Horne Jamie Pedley
Spanish Julia Silva Niamh Cummings
Textiles Bethany Orange Aoife Myatt

Tutor Awards

Tutor Group Nominee Nominee
Clitherow Felix Kraam Louise Swann
Dickenson Bethany Orange Ethan Shaw
Fisher Finlay Watson Florence D’Arcy
Gwyn James Wood Rosie Shanbhag
More Joseph Abraham Thekkedam Rachael Buxton
Postgate Mae Crampton Benjamin Abraham Thekkedam
Wharton Nathan Pickstone Joanna Bowmany

Attendance Shield Winners:   Gwyn

100% Attendance in Year 8:

  • Emily Boulby
  • Sophie Cook
  • Dominic Edwards
  • Callum Farley
  • Elizabeth Floyd
  • Patrick Kearns
  • Natasha Marucci
  • Ethan Shaw
  • Carys Tate
  • Orlane Vanmarcke

100% Attendance in Years 7 and 8:

  • Dominic Edwards
  • Callum Farley
  • Natasha Marucci
  • Carys Tate

Conduct Cup

  • Wharton


  • Highest Net Points
  • Sophie Cook
  • Louise Swann
  • James Wood
  • Florence D’Arcy
  • Daisy Clarke
  • Amelia Horne
  • Josh Morrison
  • Rosie Shanbhag
  • Beth Orange
  • Ethan Shaw

Sports College Awards

Progress Excellence
Joshua Sorley Carter Beevers
Beth Orange Millie Beck

Year 8 Football County Cup Champions

  • Edward Hazlegreaves
  • Own O’Malley
  • Teddy McDonald
  • Thomas Jessop
  • Jack Wade
  • Billy Carroll
  • Archie McDonnell
  • Frankie Sinfield
  • Jack Brady
  • Jack Lynn
  • Joshua Sorley
  • Kevin-Alexis Gonzalez
  • Gabriel Palka
  • Samuel Deacon
  • Ethan Shaw

Outdoor Challenge Award

  • Dylan Pitts

Chaplaincy Award

  • Kevin-Alexis Gonzalez

Pastoral and Governors’ Award

  • James Wood

“We are delighted with the progress that the year group has made during Year 7 and Year 8 and the evening was an opportunity to recognise their effort and achievements. The pupils who received awards are representative of a very successful year group, which has flourished under the careful guidance and encouragement of Mr Hamill and his team of tutors.
We look forward to the pupils continuing to make the most of their opportunities in the years ahead.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher

“We enjoyed a wonderful evening together on Tuesday - the Awards Evening is about recognising all of the talent and hard work that the year group have demonstrated in their two years here at St. Mary’s, particularly the academic, leadership and extra-curricular contributions and the students within each form group that represent the core values of the school.

Away from the classroom, we have seen this year group represented on the world stage at Kickboxing, Irish Dancing and Football, all fantastic achievements. I was delighted to see so many of our students showcasing their musical talents at the Christmas Carol concerts and we had the pleasure of witnessing a sample of those musical gifts on the evening. I’ve also had the privilege of witnessing some mesmerising performances in the school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We have a wealth of talent in this year group and this evening was about recognising just a fraction of that talent.
I would like to wish all of our students the very best of luck as they progress into Year 9 and approach what will be an important period in their academic development.”
— Mr Tom Hamill, Year 8 Student Progress Leader