2017 GCSE Examination Results

Once again, St Mary’s Menston is celebrating pleasing GCSE examination results this year. Despite national changes and volatility, our results remain comparable to previous years and demonstrate continued high standards of academic attainment.

2017 marks the introduction of reformed GCSEs in English language, English literature and mathematics. These new GCSEs are more rigorous in nature due to the different assessment regime, 9-1 grading and more challenging content compared to previous academic years. We are delighted that our students have risen to the challenges faced by these new GCSE courses and wish to congratulate them for their hard work, commitment and determination to achieve their absolute best. Staff, parents and governors of the school are exceptionally proud of the students and their many successes this year.

The pass grade of 9-4 in English and mathematics compares well to previous A*-C achievement in less demanding legacy GCSE examinations. Our students have a broad and balanced curriculum with a high percentage opting for and achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBacc).

Yet again, we celebrate excellent English results this summer with 89% of our students achieving a 9-4 pass grade. Similarly, mathematics attainment remains strong with 79% achieving a 9-4 grade.

This year, we see the first awards of the new grade 9, in GCSE English language, English literature and mathematics. Grade 9 is a new grade, designed to recognise the very highest performing students in these subjects. We are pleased to report that 47 grade 9s were awarded in English, and mathematics this year, which is well above the indicative national figure. We are delighted that a number of our students achieved grade 9s across all subjects. We are immensely proud of their exceptional performance.

The headteacher, Mr Beardsley, commented on this year’s results stating, ‘I would like to congratulate all students for these fantastic achievements.  These are the reward for their positive effort and attitude, along with the support from staff and parents.’

St Mary’s has built upon the successes and achievements of previous years, and despite the challenging and changing national landscape, has maintained strong attainment and pleasing results, which demonstrate positive progress for students of all abilities.

We have much to celebrate with our students and wish to thank all those who have supported them in their studies so far. We look forward to welcoming the vast majority of students into our newly refurbished sixth form as they embark on the next important stage of their education with us.


For any further information about our 2017 examination results please do not hesitate to contact the school. Tel: 01943 883000

Key Stage 4 Results 2017:

School Headlines
(unvalidated January 2018)
% Basics 9–4 in EM (standard pass) 78
% Basics 9–5 in EM (strong pass) 60
% EBacc Entry 57.1
% EBacc Achievement (strong pass) 38
% EBacc Achievement (standard pass) 41
% 9–4 in English 91.2
% 9–4 in Maths 81.3
Attainment 8 score 55.8
Progress 8 score +0.40
% Staying in education or employment 97
% A*–A 33
School Headlines School 2017 England 2017 Leeds LA 2017
% Basics 9–4 in EM (standard pass) 78 63.9 60.5
% Basics 9–5 in EM (strong pass) 60 39.6 39.3
% EBacc Entry 57.1 35.0 38.0
% EBacc Achievement (strong pass) 38 19.7 20.9
% EBAcc Achievement (standard pass) 41 23.7 23.7
Attainment 8 score 55.8 44.6 45.1
Progress 8 score +0.40 0 tbc
  • 2017 EBacc achievement (strong pass) is a more challenging measure, requiring a grade 5 in English and in Maths.    
  • The Attainment 8 score is calculated using new 2017 points which are not comparable to previous years.  
  • The Progress 8 Score is the provisional 2017 score released by the DfE.