‘The Big Breakfast’ Reward Scheme For Displaying School Values

By Matthew Speed and Rowan Wynn (Year 12)

Enjoying ‘The Big Breakfast’ in Mr Beardsley’s office

Enjoying ‘The Big Breakfast’ in Mr Beardsley’s office

This year an exciting new opportunity has been presented for students from Years 7-11 who are considered to be representing the school values in their academic and extra-curricular endeavours. Every week a group of students will be selected by their Form Tutors and invited to participate in the ‘Big Breakfast’, where a free breakfast will be provided as well as a chance to talk to senior members of staff about issues of school life that are important to them. For example, the Global Warriors (led by Mrs Hayes) participated in the Big Breakfast, as they show the school values through their contribution to the school community. During the Big Breakfast they talked to staff about environmental aspects of school life which they thought could be improved – such as reducing waste around school.

The intent is also to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment, with feedback from the first breakfast reflecting this; many of the students explained that obtaining recognition for their efforts is fulfilling and provides a further incentive to continue to work hard and have a positive attitude to school. Additionally, it was seen as a great time for relaxing and socialising with peers.

“The Big Breakfast is another fantastic opportunity to reward pupils for their endeavour. They have enjoyed the recognition, the chance to sit in the Head’s office and of course the bacon sandwiches!”
— Mrs R Burrows, Director of Student Progress and Achievement