Bambisanani Partnership in Numbers

David Geldart, Chairman of the Bambisanani Partnership has praised the work of volunteers and supporter in an end of year review.

The multi-award winning Wharfedale based charity has gained international acclaim for its work using sport to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership in one of South Africa’s most deprived rural areas.

From an initial visit to South Africa in 2006, which established a partnership between St. Mary’s, Menston and Mnyakanya School, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, becoming a registered charity in 2015. Two pioneering student volunteers visited South Africa in 2007 and since then over 200 more have followed (from St. Mary’s Menston, the University of Leeds and Leeds Trinity University) to deliver the various Bambisanani programmes.

  • Other statistics clearly indicate the significant development and impact of the charity:

  • Over 500 South African students have gained Bambisanani Leadership awards

  • Over 2000 South African students have participated in Bambisanani Sports Festivals

  • Over 1500 South African students have participated in Bambisanani Reading Festivals

  • Over 1000 orphans have been supported into school by the partnership

  • Over 3000 South African students have participated in Bambisanani learning activities

  • Over 1000 UK/SA students have engaged in joint learning activities involving various curriculum areas.

  • More than 10 schools, 2 universities and an orphanage are now involved in Bambisanani activities

  • More than 50 teachers/lecturers from the UK and SA have visited each other's countries, as part of the partnership, to extend their knowledge and understanding of global education

  • Over 200 UK/SA student volunteers have gained the National/International Diana Award in recognition of their outstanding volunteering/leadership work in South Africa.

  • Over £450,000 raised to support Bambisanani Partnership activities

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