Year 7 Science Fair March 2018

This year’s showcase was packed with interesting and interactive displays.

From wonders of aerodynamic engineering, to the mind-boggling concept of weighing the world, and which has more bacteria; your computer keyboard or your dog’s mouth. Yuck! Pupils presented their projects in the style of a research conference, and observers were blown away by the scientific understanding, sometimes beyond A-level, that our Year 7 pupils were able to demonstrate. 

“What a fantastic event!

Everybody, including parents, who had the opportunity to attend has been saying how amazing the standard of the projects were. The pupils I spoke to were all using the correct scientific terminology and were able to explain their projects and how fantastic that they can take this independent research back to their lessons. It was a phenomenal experience for the pupils and all of them had put so much effort into their work. Well done Year 7 and the Science Department!”
— Marie Hayes – Student Progress Leader Year 7

It was clear that many had put hours of work into their experiments and the results were truly outstanding and a delight to all who came to see them. Thank you to Miss Thorp Greenwood and the Science department for organising the Fair and well done Year 7!

Day 1

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Day 2

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