Key Stage 3 Celebration of Achievement Evening 2017–18

St. Mary’s celebrated their summer KS3 Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 12 June 2018.  

Photo: Well done Year 8

Guest speaker on the evening was producer and reporter Lucy Hester. Lucy worked at BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Look North and is now a producer and reporter for the regional current affairs programme Inside Out. Lucy and her team also make documentaries for BBC2 and BBC4.

The following special prizes and certificates were awarded to Year 8 students on the evening: 

Subject Awards

Subject Achievement Progress
Art and Design Matilda Baker Portia Duke
Drama Connie Gardner Clare Soundy
English Olivia Robertson Rachel McCormack
Food Technology Amelia Kiwomya Thomas Ennis
French Daisy Tarbett Eve Midgley
Geography Rebecca Shaw Noah Northway
German Oliver Howes Louis Midgley
History Ruby Adcock Frances Halewood
ICT Theo Clay Isobel Farmer
Maths Hannah Byrne Jessica Rhodes
Music William Joyce Alessio Demurtas
PE Boys Charlie Barnes Peter Marsland
PE Girls Isabelle Goodwin Martha Hopkinson
Product Design Keeva Volpe Jack Lambert
Religious Education Lucy Charlton Isabelle Bene-Hamill
Science Devon Rhodes Orla Kleppen
Spanish Eden Kenefick Laura Scott
Textiles Isabelle Tinsley Niamh Watt

Tutor Awards

Tutor Group Nominee Nominee
Clitherow Matthew Kilburn Isabelle Teahan
Dickenson Hannah Jenkins Bogdan Kocsis
Fisher Harley O'Brien Ralph Quinn
Gwyn Aleix Parkes Calzado Ciara McGibbon
More Storm Hanley Joel Mundet-Poole
Postgate Thomas Wild Martha Newbury
Wharton Olivia Leonard Shamus Webster

Special Awards

Attendance Shield Winners: Dickenson

100% Attendance in Year 7 and 8:  Iggy Burrows, Charlotte Kenneth, Charlotte Oredecki

100% Attendance in Year 8:

  • Iggy Burrows
  • Charlotte Kenneth
  • Flinn Woodward-Chapman
  • Aleix Parkes Calzado
  • Ralph Quinn
  • Rebecca Rosser
  • Alessio Demurtas
  • Robert Lock
  • Charlotte Oredecki
  • Henry Preston
  • Devon Rhodes

Conduct Cup: Gwyn

Progress Stamps:

  • Laura Scott
  • Clare Soundy
  • Oliver Howes
  • Hannah Jenkins
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Harley O’Brien
  • Aleix Parkes Calzado
  • Eve Midgley
  • Storm Hanley
  • Isabella Bene-Hamill
  • Rebecca Shaw
  • Lucy Charlton
  • Rachel McCormack
  • Millie Helliwell

Outstanding Sporting Achievement: Isabelle Goodwin, Chloe Bowman

Outdoor Challenge Award: Christos Tzelis

Chaplaincy Award: Christina Vickers-Margarry

Pastoral and Governors’ Award: Clare Soundy

Music on the evening was provided by Year 8 students Rebecca Shaw and the Year 8 band, "Lock Down".

“I am delighted with the progress that the year group has made during Year 7 and Year 8 and the Key Stage 3 Celebration of Achievement Evening was an opportunity to recognise their effort and achievements. The pupils who received awards are representatives of a very successful year group, which has flourished under the careful guidance and encouragement of Student Progress Leader, Mr Harvey and his team of tutors. I would like to thank Lucy Hester for joining us for the celebrations and for her thoughtful and inspirational words. We look forward to the pupils continuing to make the most of their opportunities in the years ahead.”
— Mr Darren Beardsley, Headteacher

What a pleasure it was to witness so many deserving students being recognised for their efforts over the course of their first two years at St Mary’s. It is a privilege to lead such a talented bunch of individuals who never fail to amaze me with their many talents both in and out of the classroom. The Year 8 team of Form Tutors are a joy to work with and they are rightly proud of their forms who enjoy success on a regular basis.

Tuesday evening was a celebration of individual and group achievements over Key Stage 3, to acknowledge the hard work and determination, perseverance, leadership and support of others, upholding the school’s ethos.

Outside the classroom it is clear that there is more success to come, especially in the world of sport and performing arts. The Key Stage 3 production, Our Day Out, will showcase some of this talent in July but we will monitor with interest the students who are competing on an international basis in swimming and gymnastics over the summer.

It is fantastic to see so many students making the most of the opportunities they are presented with at St Mary’s. We have embraced Growth Mindset whole-heartedly with an “I can...” mentality and I look forward to tackling the further challenges we will face through Key Stage 4.

Congratulations again to all those who won awards and good luck to all of the year group in their future studies.
— Mr M Harvey. Student Progress Leader, Year 8