GCSE Results 2018


St. Mary’s Menston students have once again achieved great success in their GCSE results this year. In a time of significant national change, the students have demonstrated high academic standards across all subject areas and key headline measures have remained strong and improved from previous years.



2018 marks the introduction of reformed GCSEs in the majority of GCSE subjects. These new GCSEs are more rigorous and challenging due to their linear nature, different assessment system, 9-1 grading and more challenging content compared to previous academic years. We are delighted with the strong performance of our students in 2018 and are inspired by their ability to adapt to the immensely challenging national context.

A highlight for the school this year are the ninety eight 9 grades achieved by our students across all subject areas. A 9 grade is a new GCSE grade introduced by the Department for Education to recognise outstanding examination performance. We are immensely proud of our students' exceptional academic achievement.


The pass grade of 9-4 in English and maths has risen this year to 85%, and despite the more rigorous assessment system, the percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate has also remained high.

As always, the English results are a great success for the school with 92.8% achieving a 9-4 grade. Mathematics results are a further cause for celebration with 86.7% achieving a 9-4 grade which is a significant improvement from previous years.


The SEND team are delighted with the results of our students with different learning needs. These students have made excellent progress considering their starting points which bears testament to their hard work and sheer determination, ensuring that students of all abilities have made outstanding progress.



Headteacher, Mr Beardsley, commented on this year’s results stating, ‘I would like to congratulate students and their families on this incredible performance.  We are delighted with the outcomes for all of our students, with this outstanding performance at GCSE level being combined with the exceptionally strong performance of our A-level students last week.  It has been a pleasure to see the way that students and staff have worked together to achieve such success and also to witness them celebrate together as they received the results today.’


St. Mary’s has much to celebrate in 2018. Strong and improved attainment headlines, exceptional grade 9 performances and positive progress for students of all abilities has made this a year to remember. We look forward to welcoming our students into the Sixth Form in September as they embark on their level 3 studies. We know the GCSE results achieved this year will form a strong foundation on which to build and will ensure further success in the future.


For any further information about our 2018 examination results please do not hesitate to contact the school. Email: admin@stmarysmenston.org

Key Stage 4 Results 2018:

Number of students in year group: 180 (77 Females and 103 Males)

School Headlines 2018
% Basics 9–4 in EM (standard pass) 85.0
% Basics 9–5 in EM (strong pass) 64.4
% EBacc Entry 49.0
% EBacc Achievement (strong pass) 29.4
% EBacc Achievement (standard pass) 40.6
% 9–4 in English 92.8
% 9–4 in Maths 87.2
Attainment 8 score 56.11
Progress 8 score +0.42
% Staying in education or employment 99
% 9–7 33.6
School Headlines School 2018 England 2018 Leeds LA 2018
% Basics 9–4/A*–C in EM (standard pass) 85.0 64 62.10
% Basics 9–5 in EM (strong pass) 64.4 40.2 40.9
% EBacc Entry 49 35.2 37.3
EBacc average point score 4.93 3.85 3.86
Attainment 8 score 56.11 44.5 44.8
Progress 8 score +0.42 -0.02 -0.02