Ellie completes Football Coaching Qualification before Bambisanani South Africa visit next month

FA Level 1 Coaching Course Achievement.

Ellie is looking forward to visiting South Africa as part of the St. Mary’s 2019 team

“During my FA Level 1 coaching course, I took part in 5 full days, which included being taught various different techniques of how to coach children and what methods work best. I was then assessed on 3 different occasions, where I had to create a training session and then deliver it to the other people on the course (who acted as my students). In order to pass these assessments, I had to tick 14/15 marks on the criteria, which included points for “70% ball rolling during the session” and “setting personal goals for students within the session” etc.

After passing the session I had created, I then had to complete 6 online modules, which included lessons on “how to act on match day” “respect for the game” and more. After finishing these modules, I then completed a first aid training course and a children’s safeguarding course in order to complete the whole course.

After completing this course, it means I am now a qualified level 1 coach in football. I am now able to regularly volunteer at the after school girls’ football training with proper knowledge of how I can effectively help. Alongside this, I am going to South Africa this June with the Bambisanani Partnership, where I will help coach the children at Mnyakanya High school.”
— Ellie Lamb, Year 12
“I am very proud of Ellie completing her Level 1 coaching qualification. I look forward to seeing her use her skills when working at Mnyakanya High School in South Africa next month.”
— Mrs C Chattoe, St. Mary's Bambisanani Partnership Co-ordinator