Lourdes Pilgrimage 2019

St. Mary's Menston take part in the 81st Diocese of Leeds Pilgrimage to Lourdes 4–12 July 2019

The pastoral theme for 2019 is: “Happy are the poor”

This was indeed a most blessed week enjoyed by staff and students alike:

Fr John Carlisle asked some of our young people to give their thoughts on their pilgrimage and to share them with you: 

Claudia Walsh: My time in Lourdes was an amazing experience; it allowed me to see and explore my religion in ways I didn’t know I could. During my time in Lourdes I cried, I laughed, I felt many different emotions, but throughout it all I was always surrounded with love and support. My favourite and most emotional experience in Lourdes was during the anointing of the sick Mass because I was able to stand with my grandma and support her during her blessing from the priest. Overall Lourdes was a wonderful experience with wonderful people, I loved my time in Lourdes and hope to visit again in my later life. 

Beth Floyd: Lourdes has been an amazing experience and I’m very glad I decided to go on it I especially have enjoyed meeting my pilgrim, get to know her and looking after her for the week. I also enjoyed looking out at the torch procession as it was a beautiful view. Lourdes itself is a lovely town and was very nice to walk around. 

Louise Swann: For me Lourdes has been an incredible experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. Helping our pilgrim was a great feeling and I could tell she enjoyed her time in Lourdes. A very emotional moment in Lourdes was the anointing of the sick Mass, I loved this Mass as it made me feel more grateful for my health and the people I have around me. Overall I loved my time in Lourdes and hope to visit again. 

Isaac Onajobi: I enjoyed the different variety of Masses such as the International Mass (on Sunday morning with Bishop Marcus presiding with about 20,000 people, a dozen bishops and a few hundred priests) and the vigils as they were all unique and special. 

Natasha Marucci: I enjoyed the torchlight procession (an evening procession in honour of our Lady of Lourdes with thousands of pilgrims) and spending time with my friends. 

Hannah Price: I loved my experience at Lourdes. I really enjoyed the torch light processions and spending time with my friends and making new ones from different school, it was really fun. I also loved looking after my pilgrim and spending time with her because it was very rewarding. It was very peaceful and there was a lot of time for us to reflect and pray to thank God and make us feel grateful for everything we have. 

Fr John: It is a joy to see the young people grow in their faith and have a wonderful spiritual experience. The way in which they care for each other and for the pilgrims that they are given responsibility for is inspiring. They have heard how much God loves them and how He has a plan for each and every one. 

Lourdes Pilgrimage 2019