Our Crest and Colours

Our School Crest and school colours of Purple, Yellow and Grey have remained the same since the day the school opened in 1964.

Our school crest at the official opening of St. Mary's Menston, 3 July 1964


The Symbology of our Crest

  1. Sub tuo praesidio means Under your protection (in Latin)
  2. The white rose is our school flower. The white rose symbolises both Saint Mary and Yorkshire.
  3. The keys represent the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven held by Peter, the first Pope. They symbolise the Vatican and therefore our link with the Vatican and the Pope.
  4. The ‘SR’ letters stand for “Salve Regina”, also known as the Hail Holy Queen, which is a Marian hymn and the final prayer of the Rosary.
  5. The Christian cross, the best known symbol of Christianity.

Our School Colours

St. Mary's Menston Purple
C51  M94  Y0  K0
R143  G54  B148
Hex: #8f3694

St. Mary's Menston Yellow
PANTONE Process Yellow CVC
C0  M0  Y100  K0
R255  G242  B0
Hex: #fff200

St. Mary's Menston Grey
C9  M7  Y7  K0
R227  G228  B229
Hex: #e3e4e5