Our Parish Churches

Last updated: 14/03/2019


The following churches fall within the parishes served by St. Mary's Menston.
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Our Lady and All Saints, Otley

01943 462146
Priest: Very Rev Canon Lawrie Hulme
Primary School: St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Otley, a Voluntary Academy
History: In 1850 Thomas Constable of the Manor House, Otley built the church adjoining his house. The architect was Charles Hansom and it was opened on 24 June 1851.
 Our Lady and All Saints, Otley

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Yeadon

0113 2502192
Priest: Rev John Carlisle
Deacon: Rev Martin Cawley
Primary School: Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy
History: In 1909 Mr John Warrington built a church in the grounds of his home in Cragwood, Rawdon. In 1956 a new church designed by J H Langtry-Langton was consecrated by Bishop Dwyer. In January 1989 the original chapel at Cragwood closed.

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Yeadon

Ss John Fisher and Thomas More, Burley-in-Wharfedale

01943 863179
Priests: Rev Simon Winn (Priest in Residence) 
Very Rev Canon Lawrence Hulme (Administrator)
History: Established as a parish by Fr Frederick Lefevre who built the church, designed by Empsall, Clarkson & Clarke and opened by Bishop Cowgill on 12 June 1932.

St John Fisher and St Thomas More, Burley-in-Wharfedale

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ilkley

01943 607690
Priests: Rev Mgr Kieran Heskin BA PhD
Deacons: Rev Michael Leahy
Primary School: Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Ilkley, a Voluntary Academy
History: The small chapel of Myddelton Lodge being insufficient for the needs of the congregation, a new church to the design of Edward Simpson was opened by Bishop Cornthwaite in July 1879 on land given by William Middleton. The church was considerably extended to the design of P H Langtry-Langton in October 1979.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ilkley

St. Joseph’s, Pudsey

0113 257 0803
Priest: Rev Richard Carter MA
Primary School: St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School Pudsey, a Voluntary Academy

History: Mass first said in hired room in Hannerton Field in 1883. School chapel in 1884 established as a parish in 1901. Temporary church in 1913. New Church by C E Fox in 1933, which was consecrated in 1983.
St. Joseph's, Pudsey

St. Mary’s, Horsforth

Photo: St. Mary's Church, Horsforth

0113 267 8257
Priests: Rev Patrick A, Smythe MA PhD
Rev Philip Hall
Primary School: St. Mary's Horsforth Catholic Voluntary Academy
History: For more than a hundred and twenty years, over fourteen priests have cared for the people of St. Mary’s Parish. In 1882, the 60 or 70 Catholics in Horsforth had to walk to Leeds or go to Cragwood in Rawdon to celebrate Mass. John Moor came to live in Horsforth in 1882 and, while walking to Mass in Cragwood, taught the children about Jesus on the way. He tried to persuade the Bishop to send a priest to look after the people and, in 1896, Father John Croskell came. Mr Moor rented Pear Tree House on Bachelor Lane to hold services in. This became too small and so the congregation decided to buy a piece of land on Broadgate Lane to build a chapel which would also serve as a school for the children. The foundation stone was laid in March 1896 and the new School-Chapel opened in September of that year. In 1908 Fr John Curan was appointed as Parish Priest. He looked after the parish for 24 years. Because of increasing numbers he decided to build the present church and free the whole of the original building for the school. The church was opened on Easter Tuesday 1928 at a cost of £12,000 – a huge sum in the twenties.

Under Fr Justice in 1972 the interior of the church was brought into line with the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and a narthex built at the west end.

Our Lady of Kirkstall

English Martyrs, Addingham

01943 607 690
Priests: Mgr Kieran Heskin (Parochial Administrator)
Mass celebrated by Rev Kevin Driver
History: Begun as a Mass Centre in an upper room of Main Street by Fr Galley of Ilkley in 1893. The Passionist Fathers took charge in 1922 and built the church in Bolton Road which was opened by Bishop Cowgill in 1928.