Pastoral Care at St. Mary's

Last updated: 04/08/2018

“Students’ behaviour is impeccable. They are
punctual, polite and respectful, dressed smartly and
prepared for lessons.”
— Ofsted

“When a child is loved,
Seen as precious,
Listened to,
Touched with reverence,
Then it is at peace.
It knows it belongs,
It is held, protected and safe.
It opens up without fear.”
— Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, 1999

“We strive to be fully inclusive with outstanding pastoral care. Each student is known as an individual and we will bring out the best in them through the work that we do together.”
— Miss C Anderson, Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour and Safety

Every pupil at St. Mary's is assigned to a form group in the care of a Form Tutor. The tutor holds a key position in the life of St. Mary’s and is the first point of contact between home and school. Their primary responsibility is to monitor the welfare of each pupil to ensure their academic, social and spiritual development. The tutor sees members of the form daily to establish and articulate clear expectations to each pupil in order to cultivate appropriate standards and attitudes for participation and success in all areas of school life.

On Fridays, Year 12 students take part in voluntary mentoring in lower school forms during form time. The Year 12 students are able to work within the form groups to develop their leadership skills to make a very positive contribution to the work of the school.
Each year group has assigned to it a Student Progress Leader who meets regularly with the Form Tutors to discuss individual pupil progress. Student Progress Leaders are supported by the work of the school’s Learning Mentors, the Director of Student Progress Y7–11 and a non-teaching Pastoral Manager. A spirit of unity and co-operation is secured through whole year activities such as assemblies, residential visits and Liturgies.
If you have any concerns about your child please contact the relevant Pastoral Manager:
Years 7–11          Mrs L Davis
Years 12–13        Mrs J Andrews

St. Mary’s Menston Pastoral Team 2017–18