Performing Arts

Performing Arts are a vital part of our school life at St. Mary's Menston. Performing Arts are forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, musical theatre, and dance.

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  • Performing Arts Studio (room H7)
  • H38

An Actor's Prayer

Lord, bless our performance. Bless us with projection so that all may hear, Bless us with expression so that all may see, Bless us with passion so that all may feel. Bless our performance, indeed!

Bless us with a knowing audience that our work might be appreciated, Bless us with a giving audience that they might express their appreciation, Bless us with applause that we might know You are pleased.

Increase our fame, That another audience will want to see us, That we will be asked to perform here again, That we will be asked to perform elsewhere.

Lord, lay Your hand upon us, Guide our voice that they may not quaver, Guide our steps that they may not waver, Guide our gestures that they may not be overdone.

Lord, keep us from harm, Let not a single note be sour, Let not a single step be out of place, Let not a single cue be missed.

Lord, bless our performance. Amen.


Key Stage 3

All children at Key Stage 3 have at least one hour of drama lesson every week. 

Key Stage 4

For more information, please see our Key Stage 4 Subject Information booklet

Sixth Form

For more information, please see our Level 3 Subject Information booklet.

Former Pupils

Remarkable numbers of St. Mary's students have gone on to fame, success and fulfillment in the performing arts.

Name Area Description
Matthew Lewis Acting Neville Longbottom in the,Harry Potter film series / Film, TV and stage actor
Christian Cooke Acting Harry Minchella and Jessica Connolly
Dominic North Dance Ballet dancer, StreetDance 3D
Verity Rushworth Acting Donna Windsor, Emmerdale, Musical theatre
Christopher Smith Acting Robert Sugden, Emmerdale, Hollywood director
Mark Hearne Acting Browny, Adam's Family Tree
Anthony Lewis Acting Tommy Brockless, Torchwood
Thomas McNulty TV Finalist in The Speaker BBC2
Laura Power Acting Stage Actress
Sade Malone Acting 4 O'Clock Club CBBC
Verity Mullan-Wilkinson Acting Best-actress award, British Independent Film Festival Awards, 2014
Nadine Mulkerrin Acting Cleo McQueen, Hollyoaks